Revolt, demonstration and protest in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) has led to unprecedented political and socio-economic crisis in the region leading to state failure and grave humanitarian consequences. Since the Arab Spring an economic and development downturn in many states has cost over £550 billion and weakened stability.


The MENA area accounted for 50% of global fatalities in 2015 and the majority of 46 million displaced citizens. Many key socio-economic and political indicators that gave rise to widespread protest in public ‘Squares’ which remain unresolved and exacerbated. This project seeks to address one dimension of the policy challenge that exists at national levels in MENA states by employing a multi-disciplinary methodology to engage in Spatial Modelling of Urban Stability to gain critical insights of the disturbing impact of conflict and violence and opening proper communication channels and dialogs with NGOs, community-based organisations and policymakers.