Seminar & Workshop: Lebanese University, Beirut, Lebanon

Politics and Spaces of Protest in Lebanon and the Middle East (23. 10. 2017)

Hussein Gharbieh

Beverley Milton-Edwards

Gehan Selim

Camille Habib

Azza Suleiman

Gilbert Hobeich

Wasif Harakeh

Seminar & Workshop: Beirut Arab University, Beirut, Lebanon

Mapping Urban Unrest in Beirut’s Public Spaces (25 - 27. 10. 2017)

Beverley Milton-Edwards

Gehan Selim

Ibtihal ElBastawissi

Khaled Ziadeh

George Arbid

Hassan Hallak

Doha Al Ashkar

Bassem Hamad

Christiane Sfeir

Reem AlBarakat

Abir Saksouk - Sasso

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